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150 Bridgeland, Suite 102, Toronto ONTARIO M6A 1Z5
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The CCO is administrated by Jessica Rosales, Ryan Marciniak and Saeed Tavangar Vice Principal.
Backed by the ATOCC's head office in Montreal, the CCO administrative staff is committed to addressing the individual and collective needs of its students, in a professional and timely manner.
Jessica Rosales is our Office Assistant, she will be glad to help you with admission, information on our program, and to give the students support. Getanjalie can be reached at extension 221 or at admissions.cco@collegesofosteopathy.com 
Saeed Tavangar. M.Sc. is our new Vice Principal. He is a Master graduate from the University of Waterloo. 
Saeed has a background in research to give all of our students support for their year end assignments and for their research dissertations. Saeed can be reached at extension 223 or at registrar.cco@collegesofosteopathy.com